Advanced management School software

Btrack has own Management system for all types of educational institutions like schools, Coaching, and colleges. Integrates and facilitates upto 10 types of user accounts.

School management erp system for school and colleges.

Yearly and regular based school erp system buy form here.

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Exclusive Features

  • User Management - System Administrator can Manage all types of users like activate, inactivate & change password
  • Backup Database - System Administrator can take system database backup
  • Human Resource - Manage Institution Employees and Employees designation using this module
  • Teacher - Manage all teachers information like add new Teacher and delete resign teacher
  • Classes - Manage all classes information
  • Sections - Manage all sections of classes information
  • Subjects - Manage all subjects of classes as per academic syllabus.
  • Syllabus - Manage syllabus of all subjects as per academic year.
  • Class Routine - Manage class routine of all classes and sections.
  • Guardians - Manage students guardians informations.
  • Students - Manage students informations like admit new students.
  • Attendance - Manage students, employees and teachers attendance informations using this module.
  • Assignment - Manage assignment like teacher can assign a home task using this module.
  • Exam Grade - Manage exam Grade points using this feature
  • Exam Module - Exam Module is used for managing Exam Term for each classes and students
  • Exam Suggestion - Using this feature teacher can provide exam suggestion for exam
  • Exam Schedule - Exam Schedule Module is used for managing Exam time schedule
  • Exam Attendance - Exam Attendance Module is used for managing students attendance in the exam
  • Exam Mark - Exam Marks Module is used for managing students exam marks
  • Exam Result - Exam Result Featured is used for managing students exam result sheet.
  • SMS & Email - SMS & Email Module is used for sending student exam result to their guardian.
  • Library Management - Library management system from where student can take book and return book.
  • Transport Management - Transport management system for manage transport easily
  • Hostel Management - Hostel management system for manage hostel easily
  • Messaging - Users can sent/receive/reply/view message to/from other users.
  • Notice - Administrator can publish/decree notice using this feature
  • News - Administrator can publish news using this feature
  • Event Management - Administrator can arranging Event using this feature
  • Visitor Info - Visitor entry/exit can be maintain using this feature
  • Manage Payroll - Using this Module can be process Salary Payment for Employee and Teacher
  • Invoice - Using this feature can be manage student all kinds of payment invoice
  • Reports - 13+ Default Reports with unlimited variations
  • Media Gallery - Using this module can be manage Media Gallery and Gallery Image for frontend