“Highlights of this Card”

  • Safety – Store Your Money in Prepaid card Accessibility –Access your funds stored in the card from anywhere, anytime.
  • Convenience: Offers you a convenient way of carrying cash.
  • Reloadable – Card can be reloadable any number of times from Pay2all Outlet.
  • No Bank account required for money transactions. Accepted at all RuPay networks through Online and Merchant outlets.

“Use your Pay2all Rupay Prepaid Card”

  • for the Following Cash Load- Load your Pay2all Rupay prepaid card with any amount of your choice at any of our Btrack World shops.
  • Transact at Btrack World outlet- Card can be used any for Transactions at any Btrack world outlet.
  • Card to Card Transfer – Transfer Money from Pay2all prepaid card to another Pay2all Prepaid card.
  • Cash to Account – Transfer Amount from your Pay2all prepaid card to any bank account in INDIA.
  • Payment Gateway – Pay online at major online e commerce portals,
  • POS – Make cashless payments at all merchant outlets accepting RuPay on their Point of Sale (POS) Devices.
“Balance Maintenance & Limits”
  • Monthly Limit before KYC Update* Rs. 10000
  • Monthly Limit after KYC Update** Rs. 500000
  • Maximum Balance** (at any point at a time) Rs. 100000

“Issuance Charges”

  • Card Issuance Rs. 100 (Below 1000 Cards)
  • Card Issuance Rs. 70 (Above 1000 Cards)


  • Below 1 Crore ( Monthly) 0.30 %
  • Above 1 Crore (Monthly) 0.70 %

Basic package of web design: 2000/- for home page +Rs500/- for per page.